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About Us

The Quality and Value Leader in the Cargo Trailer Industry.

Over 10 years ago Haulin began producing trailers in a small production facility in a small Indiana town. Through continued growth in demand for its products, Haulin Trailers has now expanded to several manufacturing facilities in the area where it began operations a decade ago.

Now many times the original size, Haulin has continued to grow with the introduction of new product lines offering its trailers with many types of configurations in both steel and aluminum framing. Our facility's Custom Shop is capable of incorporating customer's Special Needs. We have personnel that can work with you and your selling Haulin dealer to design a working plan to fit your trailer needs.

Haulin produces a wide range of cargo trailers, car trailers and snowmobile trailers. We manufacture enclosed cargo trailers for home and farm as well as commercial use with industrial applications in mind or to haul and store your precious motorcycle, ATV, automobile or other vehicle.

Be sure to explore our all-aluminum trailers featured in our AmeraLite lines.

At Haulin Trailers we are committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement in quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. All Haulin trailers carry a factory warranty and are supported through a National Network of Servicing Dealers.

Haulin Trailers is proud to be a division of Forest River, Inc., a leading manufacturer of many types and sizes of Recreational Vehicles, Commercial Structures, Transit Bus and Mobility Vehicles, and Marine Products.

Committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement in quality, innovation and customer satisfaction!

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